Sentimental Gifts For Men – Show What You Feel For Him

Oh yes, it is hard to give a man a gift that touches his heart. Men are raised with the dogma that they have to be strong and that feelings and tears are for girls. So are there no sentimental gifts for men? Are bottles of booze, ties and shirts all that you can give a real man? Of course not, stay with me so that I can show you that there are some things that express your feelings and that are great gifts for men.

Yes, it may pose a challenge for you to find such a gift, but again I can tell you that itís not impossible, especially if the man is emotionally very close to you. Be it the father of your children, your spouse or your boyfriend, those are all men that will show you their feelings when you give them the right gift. Now, let me show you some examples for what such a present might be.

Sentimental Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Don’t we all enjoy the feeling of falling in love, the feeling of the butterflies in your stomach? Well, let me tell you that you aren’t the only one. Your boyfriend feels the same, even if he doesnít show you. Give him a sign that you love him and that you care for him. Let him know that he truly interests you. For example you could give him concert tickets for his favorite band. If that is too expensive he will surely love a CD, too. Or invite him to a nice evening together with a movie featuring some of his favorite actors? He will appreciate that you remember what he likes.

Why don’t you go to a photographer and let him take some beautiful pictures of you? All you need then is a decent frame, and you’ve got a great gift for your boyfriend. And don’t forget the classic love letter on exclusive stationery paper with the smell of your favorite perfume. You can be sure that he is going to sniff on this letter before falling asleep at night! So, as you can see it really isnít that difficult to find sentimental gifts for men in that stage of your life.

Sentimental Gifts For  Husbands

If you’ve been together for a longer time already, then it may be harder to impress your spouse! Gone are the butterflies and instead you face the challenges of everyday life. But keep your chin up, that doesn’t mean that your husbandís heart has turned to stone, definitely not!

Surprise him with a photo collection of all your favorite holiday vacations! Bring back all those beautiful memories of the invaluable time you spent together. All you need is a nice photo album and some time to assemble the pictures. Or surprise him with a self-written love poem printed on a beautiful background picture and surrounded by an exclusive frame. That will keep the fire burning.

And, even if you think he spends too much time with his hobby, you still may want to consider giving him a gift subscription to his favorite magazine. Maybe that will make him love you so much more that he spends more time with you.

Great Sentimental Gift For Dads

Once you and your spouse have got children you have an unfair advantage when it comes to making him a great present. You can just draw a picture together with your child, and youíll have a great gift, but we want to raise the bar a bit, donít we?

A dad is always proud of his offspring and that means that he wants to show him or her to the world. Make him a beautiful picture keychain with an image of your child! He will put it on his set of keys with a smile on his face.

The older your children are the more memories you have of them. It’s always great to use those to create a unique gift for dad.  A calendar with his favorite pictures makes a great new years gift, for example.

Don’t forget that he will also love to do something together with your child and you. Buy some family board games so that you can spend your evenings together instead of watching TV. I bet that you will have a lot of fun time together.

As you can see, it isnít impossible to find sentimental gifts for men. You may have to get a bit creative, but you will surely be rewarded for your efforts with joyful hugs and kisses.

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